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Taking back the asylum seeker debate

I would like to state for the record that:

It is not acceptable to tell the World’s desperate and down-trodden that they are unwelcome, unwanted and a cockroach of the world and of society.

They are not.

Andrew Bolt makes inflammatory and undignified arguments while attempting to convince us that tough militant action is nothing more than a sign of his deep compassion and sympathy for the asylum seeker’s safety and personal wellbeing.

Andrew Bolt is an arse.

Bob Brown demanding Bolt resign and that Bolt had blood on his hands was just as infammatory and stupid as Bolt saying the same about Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Militant policies are not a sign of compassion. Ever.

The only people with blood on their hands are the people engaging in human trafficking and profiteering from the desperate.

Neither side of government are guilty of murder.

Neither side of government are perfect.

Rightly or wrongly, we joined the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq where most of the asylum seekers who come by boat come from.

We have a responsibility to help deal with an aftermath we helped create.

In case you’ve forgotten, TPVs was a policy that breached the rights of asylum seekers under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) as poojted out to us by Human Rights Watch.

If you don’t care about Australia’s blatant disregard for this matter, you should be ashamed.

It was the Labour Party that allowed 350 children to be held in detention during the Keating years. It’s still happening now.

If you have no regard for children and their families being held in detention you should be ashamed.

By instigated a processing freeze against Iraqi and Afghan asylum seekers, the current government violated the Racial Discrimination Act (1975), the very act that implements policies of the The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) and clearly state that discrimination on the basis of a refugee’s country of origin is wrong.

Discrimination on the basis of a refugee’s country of origin is a sign of racist behaviour.

If you have no sympathy for asylum seekers that come by boat you should be ashamed.

No one is talking about implementing the recommendations of the Australian Human Rights Commission 2010 report.

Why not?

If you brand an Asylum seekers who arrived here illegally a criminal, then you are a criminal if you’ve ever been fined for speeding, received a parking ticket, or your dog shit on the beach and you failed to clean it up.

Asylum seekers that come by boat almost always are “genuine refugees” and end up being resettled here anyway.

Asylum seekers that come by boat almost always become citizens for which the rest of us can be very proud.

Asylum seekers are have been unfortunate enough to be subject to the type of suffering the majority of us can’t possibly begin to understand.

If you still have no sympathy, you should be ashamed.

The Labour Government sat quiet while legal action was taken by the asylum seekers to prevent the removal of their legal rights by denying them access to Australia’s Justice system.

High Court of Australia, like the Human Rights Watch, the UK and the USA before them, recently reminded the Government that they were extraordinarily out of line.

The Government was extraordinarily out of line.

The High Court of Australia should have never needed to tell us in November that it is wrong to treat asylum seekers arriving by boat differently to those that arrive by plane. If the values equality and fairness matter, then on that basis alone, this legal action should have been stopped before it was started.

The values of equality and fairness matter.

By implementing such policies, we legitimise the hate-filled tendencies of that insidious creature, the Great Australian Bigot.

The Great Australian Bigot does exist, regardless of what the politicians admit. If the Bigot’s views are not satisfyingly integrated into its policies, it would likely result in election catastrophe. Right now, this is true regardless of who is in Government.

If you are not disturbed when you hear this, you should be.

The Bigots will argue for the cessation of using Australian tax payer dollars to fund legal representation of asylum seekers in all circumstances.

This is wrong.

We must stop cancerous rhetoric immediately. It has ruined the debate.

This country and its citizens DO have a legal, moral and ethical obligation to assist those seeking asylum, regardless of the mode of their arrival or where they come from.

We must find the real reasons that the asylum seekers feel that they have no other options than to pay off a human trafficker and take risks with their own lives and the lives of their families.

Our regional partners are part of the problem.

If we can’t solve this issue without stamping on the basic human rights of the World’s desperate and displaced, then we must keep looking.

If we can’t solve this issue by doing anything but ‘opening the gates’, we must keep looking.

If you allowed “Fuck Off, We’re Full!” stickers to be printed on your printing machines, you should be ashamed.

If you sold them in your shop you should be ashamed.

If you put one on your car, you are racist.

“What’s the Government doing about this?” question is the wrong question. No Government can legislate against stupidity.

Australia isn’t being invaded by large numbers of asylum seekers. The numbers of people we accept in a year are pithy.

Yes, even now.

Asylum seekers who come by boat are not terrorists.

Asylum seekers who come by boat will not destroy our society.

Showing concern for how asylum seekers may affect our society does not make you a bigot.

Asylum seekers who come by boat are not flouting our laws or trying to get here under false pretences.

We are better than this. We must be.

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