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L’Auberge Apartments

L'Auberge Apartments

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The website contains one simple statement to describe L’Auberge. “Perfect For Couples”. It is.
We got to spend a lot of time inside our apartment thanks to the four day monsoon that discouraged us from the Jet skiing, the deep sea fishing, and mucking around on a tennis court. It didn’t stop us getting out and about but our apartment was spacious and enchanting so it did a great job of encouraging us to stay in.

These apartments are massive. Because the couch is a foldout bed, four people could easily stay in a single-bedroom apartment without anyone feeling over crowded. Upon entering, our apartment there was full kitchen (not a kitchenette) on the right and a 4-seater dining area on the left. Beyond that, it opened out to a very roomy living room. Beyond *that* was a large balcony which you can see in the gallery below.

Outside was just exquisite. All the pathways have been fully planted out hiding the apartments in the pathways and trees giving it an even bigger feel of exclusivity and privacy. If you didn’t know that there were several apartments on site and weren’t keeping an eye out for them you could easily miss the fact that they were there.

L’Auberge Apartments are run a lovely lady named Doreen and her husband whom I didn’t get a chance to meet. The reception desk, attached to her home also on the block, isn’t open all the time, but she is always available on the mobile if there’s anything you need urgently. She knows the area very well indeed and was there to supply us free maps and help us route our drive to the Hinterland.

If you want to get away for a couples weekend or just want a place for a group of friends to get away and chill in a gorgeous setting you’d do extremely well stay here. Just be aware that there’s a 1.3 km hilly hike back from Hastings Street and when wet and slightly tipsy, you might be better off taking a taxi home, as pathetically lazy as is.

L’Auberge Apartments Website

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