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Life Blogger: Jess Genevieve Brown

WordCamp Melbourne 2011

WordCamp Melbourne 2011

One of the people who inspired me greatly at WordCamp Melbourne 2011 today was Jess Genevieve Brown, a life blogger. Jess seems to be doing one massive experiment with all manner of social media tools in order to share and document her life online.

And in case you think she’s not serious, take a look at just a few of the tools she uses to do this:

Photos – via Picasa
Video Sharing – via Vimeo and You Tube,
Music Sharing via Soundcloud and Last.fm,
Link sharing – via tumblr
Bookmarks – via Delicious
Meeting and networking events – via meetup.com
Documents – via Scribd.

That’s all I wrote down, but I bet there are others.

She’s sharing her goals (fitness being one example), projects and challenges on her blog.

Jess shares a lot, there’s no doubt about that. But you can clearly see she enjoys it, and she thinks carefully about what she shares and how she shares it. She’s an extremely optimistic person whose optimism about life both online and offline is evident all throughout her offerings and was evident in her talk. Even if this type of putting-yourself-out-there isn’t for you, and it clearly isn’t for everyone, what she’s doing is very fascinating and she’s probably now sitting in a space where many of our generation are already toying with, but not really thinking about in terms of a clear direction and purpose. As someone who set up this website in order to evolve my online presence in a similar kind of way, I will be quite interested to see the progression of her experimenting as well comparing that to my efforts as they evolve over time.

Everything she publishes, from the mundane to the thought-provoking is linked into her blog. Her ‘hub” as she calls it. This personal portal concept I predict will become a very important tool to have if its not already important. Her online presence across the various platform is aggregated into her own site. Given that I set up THIS site with exactly the idea in mind, and given that I am in the infancy of my own experimenting, she has given me plenty of ideas to chew over.

What I like about idea of life blogging is that even if lots of us started doing it using the same tools, I’d be willing to bet my house we’d get a lot of differing results, both in terms of content and in opinions of what works for us and what doesn’t. And this is purely because our sites will reflect our individual growth as individuals. We all the sum of many parts and we have many facets to ourselves that make up who we are and that are just as organic as our physical bodies. We all evolve as we move through life from young’uns to seniors and as we grow and evolve and learn, so will the content we produce. Our visitors and followers will be unique too with each one preferring to interact with us and with each other in different ways based upon their own preferences.

Since all this connectivity and sharing it’s still in it’s experimental stages and, as we are all acutely aware, potentially fraught with danger, Jess admits it’s difficult sometimes trying to work out what to share and what not to share. But she approaches it in the same way everyone should. With common sense principles. If you abuse someone, you will be abused. If you share with positivity and in a respectful way, then people who engage with you will generally be polite and respectful back, even if they don’t agree with you. It’s not rocket science when you think about it. Doesn’t that reflect pretty much how engaging people in the real word work as well?

Jess’s site Making JGB can be found here.

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