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Back to School. For the last time


And this week it marks the beginning of the end of a six and a half year journey. My final semester of University as a student of Monash University.

This semester, I’m taking these two subjects.

Applications of Data Mining
Ideologies and philosophies of justice

Am I excited right now? Oh, hell yes! I’m ready to hit this bitch and totally tear it all up!

If you are wondering right now, how an information technology degree can contain what is clearly Arts subjects, you need not wonder. It doesn’t. I take these Politics and History subjects as electives. And they aren’t there just to make up the numbers. They are completely different to my tech subjects and the fact that they are different is the reason I choose to take them.

After all, why load up on more of your niche subjects when one can branch out into areas that interest you? If you happen to be a student embarking on a degree, or a potential student, do yourself a favour and consider electives in other Faculties. Pick some subjects you enjoy learning about. Certainly for me, it made some of the slightly less palatable core content you must do just that little easier to take.

Time to hit dem books. Word to your Mother

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