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Go Girl, Go for IT 2012

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Only 36% of the students claimed that they had considered IT as a career before the event. However, after the event 71% of students stated that they would consider a career in IT.

A couple of months ago, I caught a glimpse of something I hadn’t heard of before that piqued my interest. It was a careers expo. But it wasn’t just any careers expo. It was an Information Technology careers expo exclusively designed for female secondary school students. It aims to showcase the technology industry and the diverse range of jobs that can be had within it. It’s put on for women, by women.

When I was asked to become the Head of the Communications Committee for the event, I was initally surprised given I know the calibre of volunteers who had put their name forward would be very high. I could not be more honored and pleased to accept this role and can only hope I can do it some justice. Looking back over the event’s history, I have some big shoes to fill.

Addressing the issues that continue to cause gender imbalance across the IT industry is a subject quite close to my heart. My degree, which I only finished earlier this year, included few women and many of the companies I have worked for have been the same. As a female in the industry, I know there are still quite a number of myths out there that are contributing to dissuade women from considering an IT career. This is a shame. For an industry, any industry to be as good as it possibly can be, we need balance and diversity. And anything that promotes young women to consider a career in IT industry I will support quite vigorously.

But we need some support too. We need volunteers and sponsors. We also need schools to commit to bringing their students in to the expo and we need parents to ensure that it happens. Only then will the event make a difference and allow these young women to make informed and reasoned choices.

So if you are also care about this issue, or even if you don’t but you have a teenage daughter and want her to ensure she knows all about all the possible things that she can do and be, help us out a little by:

  • Becoming a sponsor/asking your company to become a Sponsor.
  • Follow @GoGirlGo4IT on twitter and give us a RT every now and then.
  • Become a Fan of the Go Girl Go, for IT Facebook page.
  • Ring your daughter’s school/teachers and make sure this event is on their radar. We pay transport costs so schools incur no costs to have their students attend the event.
  • Volunteer to help on the day.

Any support you can offer is very much appreciated.

** Go Girl, Go For IT 2012 is a two day event being held at Deakin University in Burwood, Victoria on the 18th and 19th of June in 2012.

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    Is there a non FB page for us to link to for this?

    BTW, exemplary!

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