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And so this is Christmas

There are things I love about Christmas time. And there are things I don’t. And producing paper-based Christmas cards and mailing them to everyone whom I would like to receive such a card is definitely not one of them. I’m not a cards person and will never be one. But I need no encouragement to take to the open up my digital paint brushes and produce a digital equivalent.
My 2011 Christmas E-card

So there you go. This my card. Since it is hand-made, or mouse-made, its just as good as a hand-made physical card. But the difference being is that I haven’t lopped any trees to do it and it gets delivered to you instantly. Like right now.

And while you’re here, This seems like a great opportunity to share with you some of my Christmas-themed favourites, courtesy of your friend and mine, You Tube.

My favourite Christmas song tends to change over time. My favourite Christmas carol hasn’t changed in many years, But not all the best Christmas songs are carols. From the non-carol variety of songs, there is a clear stand out that hasn’t come close to being beaten, at least in my mind, since its release. This is a song is by the so very talented comedian/songwriter Tim Minchin. It’s a beautiful ballad called ‘White Wine in the Sun’ and couldn’t better sum up my own feelings about Christmas. If you’ve not seen it, press play. And perhaps have a tissue handy if you’re a bit of a sentimental softie like I am sometimes.

So what is my favourite Christmas carol that hasn’t changed over the years? Coming from a card-carrying atheist, the answer may indeed surprise. It is the hauntingly lovely and heart achingly beautiful ‘O Holy Night’. However for the best version, don’t bother with anything less than a full orchestra who backs an incredible chior. And of all the versions I’ve listened to, no one does it better than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. You may need tissues for this one too. Or at the very least, something to warm up your spine once it has been snap chilled.

For those who haven’t seen it before, and even for those who caught it last year, this is *always* worth an airing. A very modern approach to telling the story of the nativity. Social media boffins will love this.

To everyone whose reading this, I wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Christmas. And don’t forget to spare a special thought for those people who on Christmas day, aren’t as lucky as you and I am.

See you all in 2012.

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