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Poor Rick has a little issue with builders

Once again, one of my Facebook friends delivers an epic rant. It’s not as long as some of the others I’ve posted here, but it’s still jam packed with word-abusing brilliance as the other rants I’ve posted here.

Poor Rick…. You gotta feel sorry for the guy.



You wanna know what sucks balls, my friends?

All fucking summer and fall, I’ve been a prisoner in this house. It finally broke 90 degrees today. It’s beautiful outside and is expected to remain in the low 70’s and high 60’s for the foreseeable future now. I’m all fired up that I can finally open up the windows and enjoy some fresh air, but nooooo… These fucking pricks no less than 100 feet from my front door break out the wrecking ball, jack hammers, and a fucking brigade of dump trucks. They’re tearing down an old Red Lobster and putting in a high rise apartment complex. Not only will this completely fuck the serenity of the entire winter, but it will also erase the view of Camelback Mountain!

I’m gonna start taking Killer for nightly walks on that construction site so that he can shit all over the place. I’ll be sure to throw a few nails around too for all the trucks. They better be expensive ass apartments too. We’re the end condo unit and I don’t need no shifty motherfuckers breaking into my shit constantly. Time to ammo up!

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