Hello there. Welcome to my website.

I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia and I have worked in the Information Technology industry for 12 years. If you want to find out more about that, head over here.

Outside of work, I like to keep myself occupied with far too many things. I volunteer. I run. I play music. I write. One upon a time, I wrote a little music, mainly silly jingles that weren’t very good.  I have an extraordinarily long bucket list.

Have I mentioned the aquariums yet? I like keeping aquariums. I like talking about my aquariums. I talk about aquariums a lot over on the Aquarium Advice Forums. My name there is MarchMaxima. I also write articles on fish keeping. You’ll find them in the Articles section of that website and on here too.

I travel as often as I can. And when I do, I like to head away from the tourist spots and meet and talk with the locals about their lives and all manner of things. I like to look and listen. I am extremely curious. If I hear some one ask “any questions?”, I will invariably always ask something. I have one of the rarer types of Arthritis and am currently participating in a medical research trial. I blog about my condition and my medical lab rat status over here.

This is my online residence of both a personal and a professional nature. Here, I share my knowledge and expertise on all things digital, my opinions, my adventures, and otherwise random thoughts on all sorts of subject matter. I hope in doing so, someone, maybe you, finds that it was helpful or otherwise interesting.

I love to interact with people online because there are so many people in the world with amazing insights and different experiences, so you are welcome to leave comments, ask questions, correct me, cheer along and agree with me, or disagree with me if you think I am talking rubbish. If you choose to do any of that, it shouldn’t really need saying, but please remember to keep it respectful.

And just so there’s no confusion, all meanderings, rants and opinions expressed here are all my own and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else.

Otherwise, one again, welcome.