Prahran Foot Clinic

This project was a little ‘love job’ I undertook for Owain Dymond and Jessie Hibbs who were at the time, co-volunteers at my St John Ambulance division.

After completing their degrees in Podiatry, Owain and Jesse were grappling with the significant job of setting up their own podiatry practice. Being Generation Y’ers they came pre-programmed with an appreciation for the online world and understood that one of the key ways a small business can gain advantage over their competitors was to have online presence. To them, it wasn’t an option. It was essential. And so a website was clearly in order. There was no desire for a Content Management System or anything complicated. All they wanted was a simple website with a minimalist and attractive design that told potential clients who they are, what they do, where they were located and most importantly, how to get in touch.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a new St John volunteer grappling with my own learning curve. Both Owain and Jesse were registered nurses with a long history in St John and provided me endless support and encouragement. I felt it only right to only try and repay some that kindness so I was pleased to offer to create a website for ther new business. During several coffees we went over the production process, how to write for the web, their target audience and the basics of information architecture and web design.

I must have searched around for a good week before deciding that, despite promises to the contrary, simple, clean, well-coded templates that were free (as in no cost) simply don’t exist and n the end, it turned out to be faster and less painful to build the site from scratch. I created a few site design mockups in Photoshop for the boys to choose from. I also sorted them out with a reputable website host. I then got cracking on the implementation.

The website is a no-frills static HTML website as basic as the original requirements. The styles are done using CSS and JavaScript was used to implement the rollover menus. The graphics were created in Photoshop. The Contact form was sourced from Email Me Form, a free online form generator that proved to be perfect for the job.

Since the website was always designed to be temporary, this one has since been replaced. This is the most recent example of a few ‘love jobs’ I’ve done over the years. They are never the type of job that will have you breaking new ground or using the newest and greatest technology, and they are most certainly never ever ‘cool’. But they are definitely the job that is the most appreciated which in itself, makes these jobs the most satisfying to do.

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