Project Chiron

Medical Practitioner Board of Victoria – Project Chiron

Role: Project Manager and Lead Business Analyst

The success of this project, at least for me, boiled down a two things. A capable and highly-motivated project team and an extremely supportive Project Board. That’s not to say the project didn’t have it’s hard times. The timelines were very ambitious leading to plenty of 18 hour days and weekends being sacrificed for a pizza lunch at the office. It was also quite a high profile project. We were preparing to turn the entire IT environment on its head and transform the systems for every single employee at the Board. This project could never have achieved without a fully-committed effort by everyone at all levels and because that support was there, and because, in the end, we made it, I will always look back on this project with a lot of fondness and be very proud of what the team was able to achieve.

So, what’s with the weird name? Well, according to Greek mythology, the knowledge and skill of Asclepius, God of Medicine and Healing is based on the teachings of a Centaur named Chiron. A precedent had been set years prior that the Board’s servers and machines should be named after the gods of Greek mythology linked to medicine. So the name ‘Asclepius’ had been given to a domain controller, ‘Aristotle’ was the name of a web server, and so on. It made sense at the time then to name the project after the very being who taught Asclepius everything he knew.

Or perhaps it was chosen because the only other candidate, as put forward by an IT staff member, was ‘Turbo Ultra Max Power Extreme 3000++’.

The 12 month project had the following scope:

  • Fully documented business process for Registration, Notifications, Hearings, Monitoring, Legal Services
  • A brand new information system for the management of Medical practitioners, Registration applications, current registration data and history, notifications/complaints, committee and hearings compliance monitoring and any other related core function the Board needs to do as part of its regulatory function. Oh, and a finance module for the bean counters.
  • Migrate the current and historical data.
  • Replace the old corporate website
  • Rebuild/enhance the existing online services functionality in the new technology.
  • A suite of management reports

Credit must be given to The White Studio who created the new website design based on the corporate image that they designed for printed material. And a great deal of thanks the team at Monkii is also in order who worked with my team and The White Studio to deliver us a new fully developed corporate website and Content Management System in accordance with our specifications.

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